Main Feature
- 8 channel mixer (4 mono input and 2 stereo input)
- 3 band EQ on mono input and 2 band EQ on stereo input
- 1 Aux send for external effects and monitoring
- Peak LED on all input
- Built in 99 program digital effect
- USB interface for MP3 input and playback with digital display
- BLUETOOTH function
- +48V phantom power supply
Input Channel
Mic Input Electronically balanced, discrete input configuration
     : Frequency Response 10Hz to 200KHz
     : Gain Range +14dB to +60dB
     : SNR 120dB E.I.N.
Line Input Electronically balanced
     : Frequency Response 10Hz to 130KHz
     : Gain Range -6dB to +38dB
     : SNR 95dB E.I.N.
Stereo Channel
Frequency Response 10Hz to 70KHz
Gain Range : Line -8dB to +15dB
                  : Mic +13dB to +60dB
SNR : Line 96dB
       : Mic 104dB E.I.N.
Mono Channel EQ : High +/-15dB, 12KHz
                           : Mid +/-15dB, 2.5KHz
                           : Low +/-15dB, 80Hz
Stereo Channel EQ : High +/-15dB, 10KHz
                            : Low +/-15dB, 120Hz
Main Mix
Main Output +28dBu balanced / +22dBu unbalanced
AUX Send +22dBu unbalanced
Tape Out +22dBu unbalanced
Phone Output +15dBu
Physical Dimension and Weight
Dimension [HxWxD] 72 x 260 x 250 mm.
Weight 3.5 kg.