Main Feature
- Using VHF band to avert interferencing frequency
- Multilevel quiet control circuit, to avoid interference signal from outside open the mute system
- All using SMT, print circuit board design tightness and credibility
- Special design companding circuit, strongly improve S/N ratio
- Using excellent dynamic cardioid direct cartridge, the timbre bright and clear
- High efficiency batteries consumption design
- Balanced XLR and unbalanced phone audio output
Comprehensive Performance
Carrier Frequency VHF
Frequency Stabilization < +/- 20 PPM
Dynamic Range > 98dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.5%
Frequency Response 50Hz - 16KHz (+/-3dB)
Audio Output Level 0 - 300mV (balanced : 0 - 700mV)
DC Power Supply DC 12-18V
Consume Power 5W
Signal/Noise Ratio > 95dB
Image Interference Ratio > 85dB
Neighbor Interference Ratio > 85dB
Receiving Sensitivity > 10dBu (SINAD = 20dB)
Transmitter Power 10mW
Modulation Type FM
Higher harmonic 50dB Lower than main wave base
Power Switching noise Perfect switching mute
Battery Voltage 1.5V x 2
Continuous Using 8 hours