Main Feature
- Capable of synchronous input of three sets of audio/video signals
- Audio/video input is switchable at automatic and manual mode
- Equipped with a mid-ship voice pre-output channel interface, which can output the vocal voices without effect
- Equipped with a super bass output channel interfacewith independent volume control system
- Five-route microphone input (three on panel and two on the back) with five band equalizer
- One-key DISCO equalization reinforcement mode
- Equipped with the same short, direct current and overheat protective circuit as that of a professional amplifier
- High-Strength structure design, and the SMT covering 80% of the machine's circuit
Characteristic of the Circuits
Rated Power (2 x 8Ω) 250 Watts per channel @ 1KHz, 0.1% T.H.D.
Rated Power (2 x 4Ω) 375 Watts per channel @ 1KHz, 0.1% T.H.D.
Recording Output 1.4V (200mV input)
Super Bass Pre Output 1.8V (200mV input both from right and left channels)
Auto Selection for Examining the Sensibility 12mV
Input Impedance and Type of Interface 47KΩ / RCA
Minimum Electromotive Force of Source 200mV (right and left channel), 75mV (super bass channel)
Characteristic of the Video
Input and Output Impedance 75Ω
Compound Output Voltage 1Vp-p
Characteristic of the Microphones
Minimum Electromotive Force of Source 9mV
Central Pre-Output 1.4V (9mV input)
Overloading Electromotive Force of Source 210mV
Type of Power AC 220 +/-10% 50Hz
Current Breaker 5A
Static Power 17W
Spare Power Socket 2 power sockets (each no more than 300W)
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions [HxWxD] 137 x 430 x 352 mm.
Net Weight 14 kg.
Gross Weight 16.5 kg.